Entry #1

a new era starts: the era of TIEM!!!!

2015-04-17 19:30:06 by TlEM

Hello dear people of newgrounds, today i shall introduce to you, the revival of an old project: the TIEM-clock magazine, an e-magazine issue, created entirely in flash!

you might ask: ''why do i want to read a flash magazine? im not here to read,  but to have fun!''

But trust me, if you do know about the clock crew, or if you WANT to know more about the clock crew, then this magazine will be the best thing for you!

It will contain numerous articles about the history of the CC, the past the present and the (possible?) future of the clock crew, and ofcourse various articles of a wide range & interest.


This will be fun!


Expect the magazines soon! 

(this week, we will start with a re-submission of the 1st TIEM magazine, as leek published it many years ago on 2005, and from that point on we will upload the old, unknown articles of the 2007-2009 era, that were thought obsolete. beyond that point, we will start publishing the 2010-2014 era magazines, and after that, we will submit the new, monthly (or 2-month issues) issues that will be completely fresh and updated with the current times!


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