Entry #2

new issues of TIEM?! get out of here!

2017-06-21 18:27:53 by TlEM

hello once again, dear users of newgrounds!


this is the editor of TIEM magazine, mr BB10/chris-the-stick2, and im making this post to mark down the new posting of the old TIEM magazines: issues that were created in the years of 2005-2006, an era that was quite productive, cool and important in the CC's general path.

its worth mentioning that NONE of this would be possible, if i didnt gather all the old pages+magazines of TIEM, and if i didnt have the EXCELLENT actionscript help of @yomtoxic! (he's also known as yomuchan clock in CC, and he is a VERY skilled actionscripter/creator of games+coded flash projects...) without his help, this final step wouldnt be possible...

i own alot to you, my friend! thanks! :)

(also, people, plz visit @yomtoxic's page + watch his cool movies+games:

http://yomtoxic.newgrounds.com/ )

as you can see, im posting TIEM issues #2 through #5, and i will soon post all the rest, up until the TIEM issue #7, from which point forward, i will post the TIEM issue #7.5, and i will then start updating+creating the new, 3rd generation magazines of TIEM, magazines that will be new, contemporary, and full of (recent) news, stories, art and comics from the clockcrew!

trust me, it will be great!

expect many awesome things,

with love,



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2017-06-21 18:31:02

This is wonderful!
The Clock Crew's history must be preserved, and I believe this is an excellent first step!
Good job!

(Updated ) TlEM responds:

thanks alot for the kind words, and for supporting our cause! :)

indeed, the clockcrew had a long, interesting and fascinating history in its existence, and i do believe that we must do our best in order to preserve it...

after i will complete the cycle of those old 7-8 TIEM issues, i will start working on 5 new TIEM issues,
they will be issues that will discuss the events of the period 2009-2011, and from then onwards to the later period of 2012-2015 (and finally, we will publish+discuss the modern events of 2015-2017), which will be fully explored+analysed, for historical purposes.

i believe that this will be a very exciting + informative step, and you are more than welcome to submit your CC comics, articles, funny ads/short stories for our e-magazine!

we need more people to help us with (more) recent articles, stories and CC comics;

so, if you want, join our team, because:
we are always happy to add new articles+short stories (+comics) in our pages, things that will be created+discussed by many CC members!

anyways, thanks again, and have a nice day.

-BB10, TIEM editor